Full Testimonials

Thomai as Director

“Thomai is a true actor’s director. She has knowledge in the actor’s process and is capable of changing her methods for helping actors’ perform at their peak. Thomai enthusiasm for letting actor’s make choices provides such a safe and creative place for them to work. Working with Thomai reminds me why I started acting, the joy and connection you feel when you work with someone who ‘gets it’.”

– Ryan Vigilant, Actor



“Thomai Hatsios is one of those directors & people that you rarely find in this industry. She is able to be caring, dedicated to her actors and staff while still maintaining the integrity of the body of work. She is sure to get the emotion and story across in a creative, beautifully orchestrated way.

When I met Thomai, the 1st thing she told me was, “You are my Hope.” She then explained that she was shooting a short film and Hope was the lead character. That said a lot about her knowing exactly what she was looking for regarding her projects. A week later we were taping a rehearsal in her home. We bonded and talked about the character and project over a wide spread of Greek food that she prepared for us while I read the script and asked questions. Her explanations and answers were so clear and precise that even the articles I found regarding the subject of asthma couldnt make it clearer. She was able to help me see, feel and eventually be the character.

Working with her on set is fun, full of lessons. Her confidence and talent as a director brought out the confidence in my ability to perfect my craft and give her exactly what she is asking for.

While working with her on the 2 day short film shoot for Gasp, there were a lot of challenges and obstacles that arose regarding locations, shooting times, but she met the challenges with ease. She makes everyone around her feel comfortable in their roles on the set and empowers them to take risks and communicate their thoughts without them feeling belittled or her set being overtaken. Working with her is such a joy that, anytime she needs extras on any job she is doing, I am available. I am there without a second thought. I wish that more people in this industry were like her. I am grateful to have worked with her, not only on Gasp, also in my life forever as a sister and friend.”

– Anishika Jontae, Hope / Eva Piece “GASP”



Working with Thomai Hastios and MetaHara productions was such an incredible experience. Thomai shows the most leadership from other directors I’ve worked with in the past. Everyone was on their game, incredibly professional and insanely talented.

The team at MetaHara worked quickly and productively. The team brought to life the exact vision we pictured for our project and for that, I am forever thankful. I’m so thankful I got the chance to work with the MetaHara team. It was truly a pleasure.

– Rose Emanuel, Singer / Actor

“Nothing In Your Pocket”


“I have had the extreme good fortune to executive produce three pop music videos directed by Thomai Hatsios. Thomai is a wild-eyed visionary, but she’s much more than that. She’s a force of nature, charisma personified, fearless leader, dreamer, perfectionist, choreographer, cajoler, collaborator, and whatever else is needed to translate her unique vision into reality on a shoe-string budget. Having never been involved in a music video before, I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived on set for the first day of shooting of “Nothing In Your Pocket.” Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting much, because our funding was quite limited. When I arrived, however, I was stunned to find a cast and crew of more than 60 people, all of whom were working for close to nothing, just for the chance to support and be led by Thomai. It was clear from the start that Thomai had the complete trust, respect and admiration of the entire entourage, and she somehow managed to get 110% from each person involved. Thomai is also unflappable, undaunted and indefeatible, adjusting to every curve with grace and creativity; she displayed these traits in spades when Malibu experienced a rare rain storm on the day when most of the outdoor scenes were scheduled. And did I mention tenacious? Tenacious like a mo-fo! I saw this in the editing process, where she was simply relentless (very nice, but relentless) in getting the right cut. Moving from process to results, Thomai’s videos are visually beautiful, masterfully edited, playful, thought-provoking, dreamlike, memorable. Like a child who’s tasted the most delicious treat, I can hardly wait for our next video adventure.”

– Jay Pomerantz, Musician

“The Falling Off”

Thomai as Producer

“I am extremely grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Thomai as my producing partner on ODD BRODSKY. During prep she was the perfect team player; handling even the most mundane, yet crucial tasks (like insurance and permits ) with grace, determination and a happy attitude. She is resourceful, has a keen sense of budget, and great relationships with crew and vendors. On set I got to witness firsthand one of Thomai’s greatest producing talents; how she truly shines when it comes to emergencies. Where most people may be set back, she not only rises to the occasion but excels. One example would be the day our Gaffer (along with his ENTIRE grip truck) never showed up on set. Within three hours Thomai hired another Gaffer and replaced all of our grip equipment. Because of Thomai, we had no downtime! Thomai is a joy on set, and makes everyone around her smile!”

– Cindy Baer, Director/Producer

“Odd Brodsky”


“When I think “producer”, I think Thomai – and in the almost 4 years that I have been working with her she hasn’t ever let me down. It’s a rare person who can do what she does with such heart and integrity, and so seamlessly embody the qualities of a great and effective leader. She always goes above and beyond, with the best interest of the project and its creators in mind. Resourceful, dedicated, connected, knowledgeable, frugal, organized, exacting, to-the-point, ridiculously hard-working, creative and hospitable (she will insist on feeding you at every chance possible) – Thomai is an absolute treasure to any production or creative endeavor.”

– Ambika Leigh, Filmmaker

On Purpose Pictures

Thomai as Producer and Director

“I met Thomai Hatsios while she was producing the feature film Odd Brodsky. She did so much to enable the director/cinematographer team of Cindy Baer and Matthew Irving to capture what they needed.

Thomai follows the philosophy that if something needs to be done, either assign good people to the task or do it yourself. She takes great pride in being on top of and anticipating the film makers needs.

I have also had the pleasure of working with Thomai in other capacities on several productions which she produced and directed. She is a pleasure to work with both as an actor and as part of her production crew. She runs an efficient, relaxed and pleasant set.

If you want your production to run well and be fun at the same time, Thomai is your gal.”

– Jimmy Hanks

Feet First Films


Thomai Hatsios as Producer, Creative Producer and Director

Thomai’s extensive experience on the production side of filmmaking has certainly informed her many other talents that shine bright when she is directing. Her artistic life, her inquisitive mind, her sensitive and extra ordinary perception of the world and all the people around her, make her a natural storyteller with many things to say. Through her art, she has a unique capacity to touch the hearts and the minds of everyone she collaborates with, always inspiring those around her to work together in helping her achieve her unique vision. Having worked her way up the filmmaking ladder, she has not forgotten the lessons she learned along the way: She is one of the most generous directors you will ever work with and truly elevates her crew to new heights, deeply understanding the requirements of each position and perceptively recognizing the talents of each person who is following her wonderful creative lead.

I had the pleasure of meeting Thomai during preproduction of the award winning feature film Odd Brodsky. She is truly one of the best producers I have ever collaborated with, always planning ahead, anticipating obstacles and creatively solving them, with the help of the talented, diverse crews that she surrounds herself with. She takes pride in being inclusive and her sets alway feel like a breath of fresh air, often comprised of multiple talented women and minorities who do a wonderful job of personifying the joy that the name MetaHara stands for. She cares for her crews (calls them “her gems”), while she actively protects and embraces every single member of the production team, making sure each set is a wonderful memorable experience and an absolute joy to work on.

I have been lucky enough to experience Thomai as my own producer in several of my projects, and I am always grateful for her creative input, it is crucial to the success of my films. Not only is she a master of all of things production, making sure I can approach my vision in a safe and supportive environment. Her value becomes even greater when she functions as a creative producer, offering advice, solutions and encouragement through every step of the way. Her experience and skills, along with her compassion and empathy truly make her the best ally a director can ever dream to have.

– Yannis Zafeiriou