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MetaHara is dedicated to bringing unique stories to life while employing a diverse group of talented and skilled people. Years of developing relationships with vendors, crew and cast insure a smooth production at a reasonable rate. The name MetaHara means beyond or with joy and that is exactly how MetaHara productions go, with and beyond joy.

Our History

In 1998 Thomai began collecting the very best cast and crew members ('gems') from various productions. Noticing the lack of diversity on sets inspired her to create opportunities for qualified women and other minorities. She formed MetaHara Productions to create a variety of projects.

Our Values

MetaHara continues to seek out innovative, creative projects with which to reach a wide audience. We provide a healthy, collaborative work environment, encouraging all members of our diverse team to express creatively, learn and grow as we bring projects to life for the large and small screen.

In The Works

Feature Films:
Scorpion Twins
Oyakali's Neighborhood
Fight Like A Girl

All Of Me, Domestic Violence:

Born To Heal : Holistic Veterans Worldwide

About The Founder

Thomai Hatsios produces and directs film, television, music videos, commercials and documentaries. The four feature-length films Thomai produced have won awards and screened in over 40 festivals. She has also produced several commercials, true crime shows, short films, web series and music videos, including the Drake / Makonnen music video, “Tuesday”, which has over 150 Million views, and the award winning “All Figured Out,” for The Falling Off. She produced Season 6 of one of the most popular web series online, “The Guild” and one of the most viewed true crime shows on Discovery ID, People Magazine Investigates. Thomai is grateful to have worked with very well known and as well as up and coming cast members and she continues developing relationships with the best cast and crew aka “gems.” She is known for leading calmly and with joy, continually bringing out the best in people.

Before working in film, Thomai was a conceptual, multi-media installation and performance artist, professional dancer and aerialist. Born and raised in Detroit, Thomai has also lived in NYC, New Orleans and Seattle. As a Documentary filmmaker, she traveled for months to Morocco, Brazil, Mexico and Europe.

Thomai’s volunteer work includes having a “Safe House” for survivors of domestic violence; teaching yoga; guiding meditation; cooking holiday meals for thousands of U.S. War Veterans and delivering food, clothing and blankets to the homeless population in Los Angeles.

“Production is like the birthing process and the story is a precious baby we get to bring into the world.” – Thomai Hatsios


Thomai is a true actor’s director. She has knowledge in the actor’s process and is capable of changing her methods for helping actors’ perform at their peak. Thomai enthusiasm for letting actor’s make choices provides such a safe and creative place for them to work. Working with Thomai reminds me why I started acting, the joy and connection you feel when you work with someone who “gets it”.

– Ryan Vigilant, Actor



“Thomai Hatsios is one of those directors & people that you rarely find in this industry. She is able to be caring, dedicated to her actors and staff while still maintaining the integrity of the body of work. She is sure to get the emotion and story across in a creative, beautifully orchestrated way.

When I met Thomai, the 1st thing she told me was, “You are my Hope.” She then explained that she was shooting a short film and Hope was the lead character. That said a lot about her knowing exactly what she was looking for regarding her projects. A week later we were taping a rehearsal in her home. We bonded and talked about the character and project over a wide spread of Greek food that she prepared for us while I read the script and asked questions. Her explanations and answers were so clear and precise that even the articles I found regarding the subject of asthma couldnt make it clearer. She was able to help me see, feel and eventually be the character.
Working with her on set is fun, full of lessons. Her confidence and talent as a director brought out the confidence in my ability to perfect my craft and give her exactly what she is asking for.

While working with her on the 2 day short film shoot for Gasp, there were a lot of challenges and obstacles that arose regarding locations, shooting times, but she met the challenges with ease. She makes everyone around her feel comfortable in their roles on the set and empowers them to take risks and communicate their thoughts without them feeling belittled or her set being overtaken. Working with her is such a joy that, anytime she needs extras on any job she is doing, I am available. I am there without a second thought. I wish that more people in this industry were like her. I am grateful to have worked with her, not only on Gasp, also in my life forever as a sister and friend.”

– Anishika Jontae, Hope / Eva Piece “GASP”



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